Health Department Multan

Multan Health Department


Department of Health Multan is one of the District’s major departments, with a complex system of field workers, primary, secondary, and tertiary level care facilities serving the populace directly at their doorstep. At the district level, the Health Department is in charge of primary and secondary care facilities. Nishtar Medical College & Hospital, an autonomous medical institution, provides tertiary level treatment, undergraduate and postgraduate medical education. The Multan Institute of Cardiology and the Multan Children’s Hospital Complex are specialist independent hospitals. At the district level, the Executive District Officer is in charge of the Health Department (Health).

Address : EDO Health Complex, Kutchery Road Multan, Multan 60000.

Contact Number :(061) 9200374

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Health Department, Multan is Located..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Health Department, Multan?

Health Department, Multan is located at EDO Health Complex, Kutchery Road Multan, Multan 60000.

What is the phone number of Health Department, Multan?

You can try to dialing this number (061) 9200374.

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