Ahad Raza Mir Drama Actor

Ahad Raza Mir Drama Actor


Ahad Raza Mir has only been in the theatre profession for a few days, yet he is already the most sought-after actor. Right now, his success is skyrocketing. Ahad is a creative thinker with exceptional acting abilities. Ahad Raza Mir is the best young acting talent we have right now because of this combination. Although he could easily settle for portraying the standard hero roles, he wanted to tackle hard roles that made the audience look forward to his dramas.

Address:  Karachi, Pakistan

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Facebook ID: facebook.com/ahadrazamirfanpage

Instagram ID: instagram.com/ahadrazamir

Twitter Handle : twitter.com/ahadrazamir

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What is the Address of the Ahad Raza Mir Drama Actor?

Karachi, Pakistan


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