Akhuwat Office Mandi Bahauddin

Mandi Bahauddin Akhuwat Office

Akhuwat Office Mandi Bahauddin

This notion aims to rekindle the same Mawakhat promise and sense of community that arose as a result of the Prophet’s migration from Makkah to Medina. It’s founded on the idea that if someone has a loaf of bread, half of it should go to someone who doesn’t.

All of Akhuwat’s initiatives and practices are guided by this ideology of togetherness. Akhuwat is a non-profit organization based on the Islamic idea of Mawakhat or solidarity, which was created in 2001.

Address: Ala, Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab

Contact Number :0343 0667734  

Website: https://akhuwat.org.pk/

Akhuwat Office is Located..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Akhuwat Office?

Akhuwat Office Ala is located at, Mandi Bahauddin, Punjab

What is the phone number of Akhuwat Office Ala?

You can try dialing this number 0343 0667734  

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