Al Jannat Farmhouse Karachi

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People who want to spend a tranquil and relaxing time in Karachi prefer Al Jannat Farm House to avoid the noise and gloomy hectic life of Karachi. Al Jannat farm home has a large green area that serves as a park, as well as guest rooms. The location is suitable for children and is wheelchair accessible. This is a nice farmhouse where a large group of people can congregate, however, there are no indoor games or a suitable cricket pitch. Maintenance is also a problem. The beautiful farmhouse is ideal for family and group picnics. There is plenty to do here, including swimming, playing on the playground, and playing indoor games. The pool is nice, however, the water quality is poor. Overall, the farmhouse is neat and clean, with all leisure amenities.

Address: Karachi City Pakistan

Contact Number :(021) 34383242



Al Jannat Farmhouse Karachi is Located…

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Al Jannat Farmhouse?

Al Jannat Farmhouse is located in Karachi City, Karachi, Pakistan

What is the phone number of Al Jannat Farmhouse?

You can try dialing this number (021) 34383242

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