Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi Contact Number

Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi is located 3 kilometres from the Swabi Motorway Interchange on the main Swabi-Jehangira route, in the judicial complex of Shah Mansoor Swabi. The development of a hospital like the BKMCS was in response to a pressing need to improve the quality of medical education and, as a result, provide better health services to the people of the area. It appears to be a promising idea, as it will allow for the inflow of modern medical education and, as a result, a higher level of health.


Bacha Khan Medical Complex Swabi Contact Number

Address : Shah Mansoor, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa

Contact Number :(0938) 280214

Website :

Email: [email protected], [email protected]




Swabi City Code is 0938

HO Office: 280216
Exchange :280214
Director Finance: 280212
Dean’s Office: 280421
Sehat Card Office, : 280335
Manager HR: 280414
MO Office: 050115 Fax : 280215
Virology Lab 280310
Secretary to BOG 280195
GICNIC Admin 280385
Casualty/DNIS Room 280364
Director Nursing 280210

Bacha Khan Medical Complex Location / Map


Where is Bacha Khan Medical Complex?

Bacha Khan Medical Complex is located at Shah Mansoor, Swabi, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa.

What is the phone number of Bacha Khan Medical Complex?

You can try to dial this number (0938) 280214

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