BINUQ Hospital Quetta

BINUQ Hospital in Quetta, officially known as the Balochistan Institute of Nephro-Urology Quetta, is a prominent healthcare facility established under the “Balochistan Institute of Nephro-Urology BINUQ Hospital Quetta Act, 2015 (Act No. XVIII of 2015).” The hospital focuses on providing specialized services in the field of renal health and transplantation to the patients of Balochistan and the surrounding region.

Located on Samungli Road in Quetta, BINUQ Hospital is dedicated to offering comprehensive care and treatment options for various kidney and urinary system-related conditions. It operates under the supervision of skilled medical professionals and utilizes modern medical technology to deliver quality healthcare services.

The hospital’s main objective is to address the growing need for specialized care in nephrology and urology within the region. Renal health issues, including kidney diseases, require specialized expertise and facilities, and BINUQ Hospital aims to meet these requirements by providing advanced treatment options, state-of-the-art equipment, and a multidisciplinary approach to patient care.

BINUQ Hospital is equipped with modern infrastructure, including well-equipped operation theaters, advanced diagnostic facilities, specialized units for dialysis and transplantation, and dedicated outpatient clinics. The hospital’s medical staff consists of highly trained and experienced nephrologists, urologists, surgeons, nurses, and support staff who work collaboratively to ensure optimal patient care.

Services provided at BINUQ Hospital encompass a wide range of treatments and procedures related to kidney and urinary system disorders. These include diagnosis and management of kidney diseases, hemodialysis and peritoneal dialysis, kidney transplantation, endourology procedures, urologic oncology, pediatric urology, and other specialized interventions.

With its commitment to excellence in patient care, BINUQ Hospital strives to adhere to international standards of healthcare delivery. The hospital prioritizes patient safety, ethical practices, and personalized care, ensuring that each patient receives individual attention and a tailored treatment plan.

For the convenience of patients and their families, BINUQ Hospital has provided contact information, including phone numbers and an email address, for inquiries and appointments. The official website of the hospital offers additional details regarding the services provided, staff profiles, and any other necessary information.

Overall, BINUQ Hospital in Quetta plays a crucial role in addressing the renal health needs of the people of Balochistan and the surrounding areas. Through its specialized services, advanced facilities, and dedicated medical professionals, the hospital aims to improve the quality of life for patients suffering from kidney and urinary system disorders, offering them hope and comprehensive care.

BINUQ Hospital, Quetta Contact Number

  • Address: Balochistan Institute of Nephro-Urology Quetta, Samungli Road, Quetta
  • Number : 081-9204701, 9204702, 9204703
  • Email Address:
  • Organization Name: Balochistan Institute of Nephro-Urology Quetta
  • Official website:

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