Cheezious Bahria Town Contact Number | Phase 7 | Helpline


Cheezious Bahria Town Contact Number | Phase 7 | Helpline


Cheezious Bahria Town. Exceptional flavor. It’s a place where you can get the best pizza taste in town. Pizza specials and burgers can be had for a very low price. Cheezious is one of the top fast-food chains, with better customer service than the majority. Pizzas and pasta oozing with cheese. The staff is well-trained and professional, and the restaurant serves the best fast food in town. Cheezious gets a thumbs up for upholding its high standards. The cuisine is excellent, and the service is pleasant and efficient. Pizzas are served hot and stuffed with tasty toppings.

Cheezious Phase 7 Bahria Town Islamabad Contact Number / Phone Number / Whats App number

Address:  Bahria Intellectual Village phase 7 Rawalpindi,

Contact Number : 0331 1000500  ,  (051) 111 446 699


Facebook :

Cheezious Phase 7 Bahria Town helpline : 051-111446699

Cheezious Phase 7 Bahria Town Whatsapp Number: 0331-1000500 

Cheezious Phase 7 Bahria Town Islamabad Menu & Deals / Cheezious Menu Islamabad

Cheezious Ghauri Town 11 se 3 Menu

It’s a nice place. It is quite comfortable for families as well as individuals. Chicken Crunchy Pasta, Cheese Sticks, and Flamming Wings are all must-order items.

Cheezious Ghauri Town Islamabad Menu

Cheezious Ghauri Town Islamabad Menu

Cheezious Ghauri Town Islamabad Menu

The food was well-prepared and tasted almost flawless, particularly the crown crust pizza, which has great flavor and is a must-try for pizza fans. It was impossible to resist their classic platter, which contained Bihari spin rolls. The broasted chicken was crispy as well, and the fries were good, although in fewer quantities. One of the best and most expensive fast-food brands is In particular, their sandwiches are too good. The ambiance is pretty impressive, as is their service.

Cheezious Sandwiches

Their sandwiches, particularly the Mexican sandwich, are excellent. In terms of value for money, the quantity of food is sufficient. Their zingers and pasta are also excellent. However, their sandwiches are worth trying, especially if you’re hungry but not in the mood for quick food.

Free Delivery & Discounts

The pizza is of excellent quality and quantity. Their “Cheezious Special” has a mouthwatering flavor. And, most of all, they frequently provide discounts, which students appreciate. Use their app to enjoy free delivery and other great deals.

Cheezious App


  • Cheese Sticks Rs. 400
  • Peri Peri Oven Baked Wings From Rs. 280
  • Flaming Wings From Rs. 300
  • Calzone Chunks Rs. 690
  • Arabic Rolls Rs. 350
  • Behari Rolls Rs. 350

Somewhat Local Pizza

  • Chicken Tikka From Rs. 370
  • Chicken Fajita From Rs. 370
  • Chicken Lover From Rs. 370
  • Chicken Tandoori Rs. 370
  • Hot n Spicy Rs. 370

Somewhat Sooper Pizza

  • Euro Rs. 370
  • Chicken Supreme Rs. 370
  • Black Pepper Tikka Rs. 370
  • Chicken Mushroom Rs. 370
  • Sausage Pizza Rs. 370
  • Pepperoni Pizza Rs. 370
  • Vegetable Pizza Rs. 370
  • Cheese Lover Pizza Rs. 370

Cheezy Treats Pizza

  • Cheezious Special From Rs. 1,000
  • Chicken Extreme From Rs. 1,000
  • Behari Kebab From Rs. 1,000

Sandwiches & Platters

  • Special Roasted Platter Rs. 650
  • Mexican Sandwich Rs. 500
  • Euro Sandwich Rs. 500
  • Pizza Stacker Rs. 580
  • Classic Roll Platter Rs. 650


  • Fettuccine Alfredo Pasta Rs. 520
  • Crunchy Chicken Pasta Rs. 550


  • Zinger Supreme Rs. 450
  • Reggy Burger Rs. 220
  • Zinger Burger Rs. 330

Side Orders

  • Fries From Rs. 150
  • Hot Wings From Rs. 250
  • Nuggets (5 Pcs) Rs. 240
  • Crispy Chicken From Rs. 190


  • Juice Rs. 30
  • Mayo Dip Rs. 30
  • Water Small Rs. 30
  • Soft Drink From Rs. 60

Cheezious Bahria Town Phase 7 Bahria Town Location / Map

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