Daewoo Bus Terminal Sukkur Contact Number

The Daewoo Express terminal, in Sukkur, is a traveler’s haven nestled along the country’s scenic GT Road. The washrooms are impeccably maintained by an active janitorial staff, ensuring a refreshing stopover.

The dedicated guards and counter staff are not just vigilant, but also interact warmly with travelers, adding a personal touch to the journey. The terminal features a tuck shop stocked with amenities and snacks, though tea aficionados may notice a unique flavor in their chai due to a different tea machine.

For those seeking solace or reflection, there are small prayer areas, and a separate cabin caters to the ladies’ prayer needs. Plus, passengers bound for Karachi from Sukkur are in for a delightful surpriseā€”a complimentary biryani treat when they present their tickets at the counter.

While it’s positioned away from the main city center, travelers have the option to explore small local hotels for tea and breakfast before embarking on their journey. However, it’s worth noting that the terminal’s in-house store may lean towards the expensive side.

Daewoo Bus Terminal Sukkur Contact Number

Daewoo Bus Terminal Sukkur Contact Number

Address: Sukkur Bypass, Babarloi, Sukkur, Sindh, Pakistan

Phone Number: 0715804373

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