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Data Bakers Bahawalpur is located near chowk Saraiki Bahawalpur. The bakery has been selling all bakery products in the city since 1978.In Bakery Pastry & Slices Cakes Rusk and Rusk, Nimko available here. Data bakery is famous for its delicious sweets, pastries and cakes. Is the oldest bakery and you can buy all their products online and get fast delivery at home. You can also buy general store items likes eggs, jam, rice etc.

Data Sweet’s and Bakers is one of Bahawalpur’s oldest bakeries, with locations throughout the city, including Chowk Sraiaki, Fareed Gate, Satellite town, and Yazman Road.

Address : Model Town, Chowk Saraiki Bahawalpur 63100

Contact Number : 062 2889533 , 0308 1110303 , 0302 3000063

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