Faisal Movers Hyderabad Terminal Contact Number

The former Daewoo Express Terminal is now called the Faisal Movers Group Terminal. The excellent thing about this location is that it has a comfortable waiting room and a good restaurant. On the national highway, this terminal is located at the Ayub Hotel. Faisal Mover is a fantastic bus company. It was a fantastic road trip. Also, their snack is superior. If you go with Faisal Movers at night, they also provide breakfast. The buses are of good quality. The staff is likewise well-trained and accommodating. It’s a great way to travel, and it’s a very comfortable ride.


Address : National Highway 5, Hyderabad

Contact Number : (022) 2030597 

Mobile Phone Number: 0300-5708097


Faisal Movers Hyderabad Terminal Map/ Location

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