Faisal Movers Kamalia Contact Numbers || Online Ticket Booking

Faisal Movers Kamalia Contact Numbers || Online Ticket Booking

Faisal Movers is one of Pakistan’s most well-known bus companies, offering business class and Luxury services. Every day, many people travel throughout Pakistan using this one of the best bus services. Faisal Movers Kamalia.

It is a well-known transportation firm in Pakistan. They give travelers a quick, safe, and comfortable journey.
They’ve improved the standard of their service.
The prices are reasonable, and you can make reservations online as well.

Faisal Mover’s Cargo is a well-renowned service in Pakistan as well. You can reserve your Seats by calling the 0315-6512847 number.

Even before Alexander the Great, Kamalia is claimed to have existed. According to tradition, Alexander attempted to invade and conquer the then-walled city (which had a prehistoric name) in the morning when the citizens of the city were out for a morning stroll. The city was then invaded and taken.

However, the conqueror went on to other areas. Because the adjoining city of Harappa is similarly prehistoric, it indicates that Kamalia was part of an old society that was spared from nature’s wrath. The historic structures in the “Iqbal Bazar” at the city’s highest point reflect the story of a bygone era of progress.

Kamalia Faisal Movers Contact Numbers for Advance Booking

Address: Kamalia, Toba Tek Singh District, Punjab, Pakistan

Mobile Number: 0315-6512847

UAN: 042-111-22-44-88

Website: https://faisalmovers.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/FaisalMovers

FM Express Started in 2003

Founder of FM Express: Kh. M Akbar, Mr. Ahmad Shahzad and Abdul Wahid

Faisal Movers Kamalia Contact Number, Location, and MAP

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