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Faisal Movers Multan has 4 terminals at different locations in Multan city. By contacting the number shown below, you can reserve or secure a seat online. FM Express Multan has a facility for shipping and cargo as well as an online ticket booking service.

In Pakistan, Faisal Movers is a pioneer in the transportation business. It has a long and illustrious history, with more than two decades of outstanding service. Faisal Movers was founded by Kh. M. Akbar, Mr. Ahmad Shahzad, and Abdul Wahid thanks to the founders’ great vision and perseverance.

Faisal Movers is a company with a long history of providing high-quality services all throughout the country. with a quarter-century of terrific history. Since its inception, the organisation has worked hard to ensure comfort, luxury, safety, time management, and the finest possible client service.

Faisal Movers is the largest company in the transportation and logistics industry, with the largest fleet of buses and trailers, a highly competent and trained crew, and cutting-edge technology. Faisal Movers’ dedication to their premium clients is uncompromising quality and excellence in services.

Faisal Movers Mulltan contact numbers

Multan Faisal Movers Contact Numbers

The bus terminal is well-designed, and you can readily find most of what you need there. However, there is a problem with a few members of staff who, in and around each terminal, spoil all of one’s first impressions. They’ll require good training in any case.

The cost of the meal is reasonable. The vehicles are in good condition. The terminal’s cleanliness is appreciated. In comparison to other terminals, this is the finest place for wazu (نماز). They have many services from Multan to all of Pakistan’s main cities.

Faisal Movers is Pakistan’s best transportation service. Faisal Movers is known for its luxurious executive buses, spacious waiting areas, and immaculate washrooms.

faisal movers Multan

Faisal Movers Multan Vehari Chowk Terminal

TerminalVehari Chowk, General Bus Stand, Multan
Contact Number 061-111224488, 0311-1224488, 0313-5082810

Vehari Chowk Multan Faisal Movers Bus stand Location and Map

Faisal Movers Multan Caltex Point

TerminalCaltex Point Multan Faisal Movers Multan-Khanewal Road  (Chowk Kumharan wala)
Contact Number 0311-7113333, 03136862706

Caltex Point Multan Faisal Movers Bus stand Location and Map

Faisal Movers Multan CSD Cant

TerminalCSD Plaza Multan Cantonment
Contact Number  061-111224488, 03158676222 , 061-4517080

CSD Plaza Multan Faisal Movers Bus stand Location and Map

Faisal Movers Multan Tipu Sultan Colony

TerminalFaisal Movers Tipu Sultan Colony Multan Nawa Shahar
Contact Number 0311-7114444

Faisal Movers Tipu Sultan Colony Multan Nawa Shahar Bus stand Location and Map

Faisal Movers Help Line Numbers

Facebook PageFacebook.com/FaisalMovers
FM Express Started in2003
Founder of FM ExpressKh. M Akbar, Mr. Ahmad Shahzad and Abdul Wahid



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