Faisal Movers Swat Contact Numbers || Online Seat Booking

Faisal Movers Swat Contact Numbers || Online Seat Booking

In Pakistan, it is a well-known transportation company. They provide a quick, safe, and comfortable journey for passengers.

They’ve raised the bar for customer service.

The prices are modest, and bookings may be made online.

In Pakistan, Faisal Mover’s Cargo is a well-known service. You can reserve your seats by calling the number below.

Swat District is a district in Pakistan’s Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province of Malakand. Swat is the 15th-largest district in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province, with 2,309,570 people according to the 2017 national census.

The Swat District is centred on the Swat Valley, a natural geographic region surrounding the Swat River, and is commonly known simply as Swat.

Under the ancient kingdom of Gandhara, the valley was a key centre of early Hinduism and Buddhism and a major centre of Gandharan Buddhism, with pockets of Buddhism continuing in the valley until the 10th century, after which the area became mostly Muslim. Until 1969, Swat was a part of the Yusafzai State of Swat, a self-governing princely state that Pakistan inherited after independence from the British administration. The Tehrik-i-Taliban gained control of the region in late 2007 and held it until Pakistani control was restored in mid-2009.

Swat Faisal Movers Contact Numbers for Advance Booking

Address: Swat, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan

Mobile Number:0347-0224488, 0343-0224488

UAN: 042-111-22-44-88

Website: https://faisalmovers.com

Facebook Page: facebook.com/FaisalMovers

FM Express Started in 2003

Founder of FM Express: Kh. M Akbar, Mr. Ahmad Shahzad and Abdul Wahid

Faisal Movers Swat Contact Number, Location, and MAP


Does Faisal Movers go to Swat?

Yes, Faisal Movers has its terminal in Swat and you can reserve your seat by dialing the above-given number.

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