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In 1994, the Green Flag Schools & College System (gfps edu pk) was founded. It began its journey in 1995, when the Green Flag Schools & College System was established at the pre-primary level.

gfps edu pk
Place Types : High School

  • Teachers who are highly qualified and experienced in providing the most comprehensive and effective education for your children.
  • Religious concepts are taught to promote spiritual awareness.
  • The importance of cultivating a cheerful attitude is emphasised. A comprehensive library containing the most up-to-date reference books for the SSC and HSC exams.
  • Students’ knowledge is supplemented by reference books and workbooks.
  • Fully equipped science labs and computer labs with air conditioning.
  • Co-curricular activities are given special attention.
  • Classrooms are large, spacious, and well ventilated, with comfortable furnishings.
  • During load shedding, a standby generator will provide respite to youngsters.
  • Educational field trips are available.
  • Medical examinations on a regular basis.
  • Meetings with parents and teachers are held on a regular basis.

Address : MS Office Building, Chand Bibi Rd, New Labour Colony Nanakwara, Karachi

Contact Number/Phone : 021-34382043 / 021-34541072

Email : [email protected]

Social :

Website : / gfps edu pk

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