Haveli Restaurant Lahore Contact Number/Location

Haveli Restaurant Lahore Contact Number

Haveli Restaurant Lahore is situated at food street fort road and with a great view of Badshahi Mosque. Among the historical places of Lahore, Badshahi is the most beautiful place in front of the mosque where the atmosphere is wonderful, the food is wonderful and the staff is good. yes, You can say that it is a beautiful place for  family, birthday events and wedding anniversary celebrations with a beautiful background view of the historical Badshahi Mosque and with delicious meal.

haveli restaurant lahore

Dining in the open air with the Badshahi Masjid as a backdrop is always a memorable experience. Though it’s constantly packed and service might be slow at times, the food and ambiance make up for it. It would be the most enjoyable experience if the weather was a little better and there was a wind.

Barbecue is an essential part of Pakistani cuisine. From the summit, one may get a good view of the fort and Data Darbar. The presence of a big number of servers makes it easier for guests to find a seat. On weekends, a 20-30 minute wait is required. Overall, the food and location make this a must-do experience.

Haveli Restaurant Lahore Menu

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Service: Dine in and Take Away

Address : Shahi Mohallah Walled City of Lahore

Contact Number : 0321-4651051

For Events and Bookings:  0300-8414899

Website : www.haveli.com.pk

Facebook: https://web.facebook.com/HaveliRestaurantLahore

Haveli Restaurant Lahore Location/MAP

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