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Balochistan Hub Chowki


Hub, also known as Hub Chowki, is the seat of the Hub Tehsil, which is located in Baluchistan’s Lasbela District. Its original name was Hub Chowki. Once at a time, there was a police chowki called Nakahi. After the establishment of factories and various companies, the city’s name was changed to Industrial Hub. However, the inhabitants of Hub Chowki also knew it as Hub Chowki. Hub is one of Balochistan’s most prosperous industrial cities. In terms of demographics, the Brahuis, Balochis, Lasis, Pukhtons, and Muhajirs make up the majority of the population. A small Hindu minority makes up over 97 percent of the population.

Address :Sheikh Muhammad Akram Lasi Colony, Hub, Las Bela, Balochistan

Contact Number :0853 9201881

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Hub Chowki ?

Hub Chowki is located at Sheikh Muhammad Akram Lasi Colony, Hub, Las Bela, Balochistan

What is the phone number of Hub Chowki?

You can try to dialing this number 0853 9201881

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