Iqrar Ul Hassan Contact Number – Connecting with the Renowned TV Personality

When it comes to Pakistani television journalism, Iqrar Ul Hassan is a name that resonates with millions of viewers. Known for his fearless investigative reporting and hosting skills, Iqrar Ul Hassan has become a household name in Pakistan. In this article, we will provide you with all the details you need to connect with Iqrar Ul Hassan, including his official contact number, address, and online presence. So, let’s dive in!

Contact Details:

Official Address: Iqrar Ul Hassan’s office is located on the 6th Floor of Madina City Mall on Abdullah Haroon Road in Saddar Karachi, Sindh, Pakistan. The precise address is 6th Floor, Madina City Mall, Abdullah Haroon Road, Saddar Karachi, Sindh, 74400 Pakistan.

Official Contact Numbers:

To reach out to Iqrar Ul Hassan, you can use the following contact numbers:

  1. 021-111279111
  2. 021-431-3561

Fax Number:

If you prefer to send a fax, you can use the following fax number to communicate with Iqrar Ul Hassan: 021-431-3565.


Iqrar Ul Hassan maintains an official website where you can find more information about his work, projects, and latest updates. Visit to explore his online presence and stay updated with his activities.


For any inquiries or communication via email, you can reach out to Iqrar Ul Hassan at [email protected]. Feel free to share your thoughts, feedback, or any relevant information through this channel.

Social Media Presence:

Facebook Page:

Connect with Iqrar Ul Hassan on Facebook to stay updated with his posts, news, and insights.



and hit the “Like” button to follow his official Facebook page.


Iqrar Ul Hassan is also active on Instagram, sharing snippets from his shows and personal life.

Follow him on Instagram at


for exclusive content and behind-the-scenes glimpses.

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Iqrar Ul Hassan has made significant contributions to Pakistani journalism, captivating audiences with his investigative reporting and charismatic presence. With the provided contact details, including his official address, contact numbers, website, email, and social media profiles, you now have various avenues to connect with Iqrar Ul Hassan. Stay updated with his latest projects, achievements, and thought-provoking content by following him on Facebook and Instagram. Feel free to reach out to him through email or visit his official website for further information. Remember, communication is key in building bridges between influential personalities and their admirers.

Iqrar Ul Hassan Office Location

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