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Jeddah Biryani is famous for its delicious biryani. They make some of the best and most flavorful Biryani in Nazimabad. Now they’ve created a new rice product called PLAOU, and they’ve seized control of the local market. One of the top BBQ joints in Nazimabad and the nearby areas recommended Chicken Tikka with their Pori paratha a year ago. The cuisine is fresh and delicious, and the Malay Tikka is fantastic, with a delicious taste and a reasonable price. There was a separate sitting area for women and families, and the beef pulao and chicken biryani were both tasty, and there was plenty of space with air conditioning.

Service: Dine-in, Take Away

Address: Block 01 Nazimabad Karachi 74600

Contact Number: 0334 3799004


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