Joy Land Rawalpindi Contact Number

Joy Land Rawalpindi Contact Number


Joy Land Rawalpindi this location is special because of its serene surroundings and fun activities like as Discovery and Drop, which provide a bird’s eye view over Rawalpindi. Overall, it’s a fantastic location near Rawalpindi that comes highly recommended.

This is one of Rawalpindi’s most popular and distinctive places for children. Visits from children are always welcome. In Rawalpindi, this is the best spot to go for entertainment. Management has adequately maintained Joy Land in terms of cleanliness, the personnel was quite cooperative, and we recommend purchasing a band rather than individual ride tickets.

In comparison to Fun City and other parks like it, the rates for all swings are extremely low. It is recommended that you use a wrist band with more than 15 swings on it.

Address: National Park Road Ayub National Park Rawalpindi

Contact Number :0348 8801545  0342 6811159

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Joy Land Rawalpindi MAP/Location

 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

What is the phone number of Joy Land Rawalpindi?

0348-8801545 or  0342-6811159.

What is the Address of Joy Land Rawalpindi?

Joy land Rawalpindi is located at: Adjacent to Ayub Park Rawalpindi Pakistan

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