King Burgers Multan Contact Number

Looking for the best burgers in Multan, Pakistan? Look no further than King Burgers! If you’re a food enthusiast who craves mouthwatering burgers, juicy royal steak burgers, delectable royal burgers, and delightful Chapali shawarma, you’re in for a treat.

At King Burgers, they take immense pride in their diverse menu that caters to every taste bud. From classic burgers to succulent royal steak burgers, from mouthwatering royal burgers to lip-smacking Chapali shawarma, there’s something for everyone.

In this digital age, it’s essential to provide customers with easy access to contact information. King Burgers understands this well, and that’s why they have provided their contact number, 0336 0638109, for all your inquiries, reservations, and takeaway orders.

King Burgers Multan Contact Number

Address: Bata chowk gulgast , Multan, Pakistan

Phone Number: 0336 0638109

Email: [email protected]


Planning your visit to King Burgers? Here are their working hours:

– Saturday: 2 pm–2 am
– Sunday: 2 pm–12 am
– Monday: 2 pm–2 am
– Tuesday: 2 pm–2 am
– Wednesday: 2 pm–2 am
– Thursday: 2 pm–2 am
– Friday: 2 pm–2 am

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