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Bahadurabad Krispy2GO


Krispy2GO Bahadurabad is a new Fried Chicken concept that capitalises on the growing demand for “Fried Chicken” in Pakistan and around the world. Our mission is to transform the classic fried chicken experience into something more in line with current F&B trends, and we’ve set out on a quest to share our love of food with the rest of the globe through an innovative global brand. through a scalable method at an inexpensive price range, have successfully conceptualised the brand with a touch of personalised and technology enabled fried chicken experience.

Address :Maqboolabad Society Maqboolabad CHS, Karachi, Pakistan 75500

Contact Number : 021 111 626 626

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Krispy2GO?

Krispy2GO is located at Maqboolabad Society Maqboolabad CHS, Karachi, Pakistan 75500.

What is the phone number of Krispy2GO?

You can try to dialing this number 021 111 626 626

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