Lipa Huts Murree Hotel

Murree Lipa Huts is situated on Khaqab Abbasi Road, as the location is also mentioned in the Google Map. Further, you can also contact them on their mobile phone number for reservation and booking, 0330-5931212.

About the Place / Hotel

Lipa Huts is a hotel in Murree, it not only provide a stunning view, but they also feature a camping spot where you can enjoy camping, zip lining, live BBQ, and other activities. Their customer service is also excellent. The rooms are also very comfortable, with a fantastic location outside, and there are also swings for children. The good thing about the place is that there is no problem with running out of hot water. The trail behind the huts was really challenging. Check another nice hotel in Murree name as a Lalazar Hotel Murree Contact Number.


Lipa Huts Murree Hotel Contact Number For Reservation

Address : Khaqan Abassi Rd, Rawalpindi, Punjab

Mobile Phone Number :0330-5931212  

Lipa Huts, Murree Location/Map

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Lipa Huts Murree Hotel?

Lipa Huts Murree is located at Khaqan Abassi Rd, Rawalpindi, Punjab

What is the phone number of Lipa Huts, Murree?

You can try to dial this number 0330-5931212  

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