Matyana Movers Lahore

Matyana Movers in Lahore is a well-known transportation company that caters to passengers from various cities across Pakistan. They have established themselves as a reliable and reputable choice, particularly for travelers using Sania Express and Faisal Movers.

With a contact number of 0311-1777744, Matyana Movers provides convenient access to their services. Their bus timings are designed to accommodate the needs of passengers traveling to and from Lahore. Whether you are planning a trip within Lahore or seeking transportation to other cities in Pakistan, Matyana Movers aims to meet your travel requirements.

One of the standout features of Matyana Movers is their impressive terminal facility. Situated in Lahore, this facility is well-maintained, spacious, and offers a range of amenities for travelers. The availability of ample parking space makes it convenient for passengers who wish to park their vehicles before embarking on their journey. Additionally, the comfortable rest area provides a pleasant and relaxing environment for passengers to unwind before or after their travels.

Matyana Movers prides itself on the quality of its services. Their fleet of luxury air-conditioned buses ensures a comfortable and enjoyable journey for passengers. Whether you opt for the business-class service or the common service, you can expect a high standard of comfort and convenience. The buses are well-equipped, and the company maintains a strong commitment to passenger satisfaction.

It is worth noting that my knowledge cutoff is in September 2021, so any changes or updates to Matyana Movers‘ services after that date may not be reflected in this description. Therefore, it is always advisable to verify the provided contact number and bus timings, as well as any other specific details, directly with the company.

Overall, Matyana Movers in Lahore is known for its reliable and efficient transportation services, catering to passengers from various cities in Pakistan. Their commitment to quality, coupled with their well-maintained terminal and excellent amenities, makes them a popular choice among travelers.

Matyana Movers, Lahore Timing

Lahore to Chishtian from Abdullah travels

  1. 10.00 am
  2. 1.30 pm
  3. 5.30 pm
  4. 8.30 pm
  5. 11.30 pm

Lahore to Fortabbas from Abdullah travels

  1. 3.00 pm
  2. 9.30 pm

Chishtian to Lahore

  1. 5.00 am
  2. 10.00 am
  3. 1.00 pm
  4. 4.00 pm
  5. 12.00 am

Fortabbas to Lahore via Haroonabad

  1. 4.45 am
  2. 12.30 pm

Matyana Movers Lahore Phone Number / Complaint Number

Address: Kot Kamboh Lahore Pakistan
Email Address: [email protected]
Matyana Movers online booking Contact Number: 0311 -1777744
Complaint Number0311-1888346

Matyana Movers Lahore Location / MAP

Matyana Movers All Terminal Phone Numbers

Fort Abbas063-2510858
Faqeer wali063-2241351
Donga Bonga03005159895
Arif wala03026995000
Abdullah Travels Lahore03111777744
Jinnah Terminal Thoker Lahore03019777744

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