Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar Karachi

Best Ice Cream In KarachiĀ 


One of Karachi’s greatest ice cream shops. It’s distinct from other ice cream brands. It melts quickly and has a distinct flavor. It offers one of the nicest flavors in the ice cream category. It’s a pricey store. You can choose from a variety of ice cream flavors. The ice cream’s quality has deteriorated over time; it’s a little watered down from what it used to be; it appears that they chose taste and quality over quantity, but even that isn’t much. If you’re going with your family, you should go at night because it’s next to the big Empress Market Saddar, which is very busy during the day.

Address : street Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan-74400.

Contact Number :0300 0212183

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Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar is Located..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar?

Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar is located at street Saddar, Karachi, Pakistan-74400.

What is the phone number of Peshawari Ice Cream Saddar?

You can try to dialing this numberĀ  03000212183.

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