Pizza Pasto Mian Channu

Pizza Pasto Toba Main Channu is a fast food restaurant located on Zarai Bank Chowk near Super Dooper Mart. Their phone number is 0652-661000. Call the contact number to place your delivery order. Their second branch is located in TT Singh with the name Pizza Pasto Toba Tek Singh, and the address is opposite the Sports Complex near the stadium.

pizza pasto toba tek singh

Pizza Pasto Mian Channu Contact Number

Address: Zarai Bank Chowk near Super Dooper Mart , Mian Channu

Landline: 0652-661000

Facebbok: fb/pizzapasto

Instagram: inst/pizzapasto6

What is the phone number of Pasto Pizza, Mian Channu?

The phone number is 0652-661000.

Where is Mian Channu Pizza Pasto located?

It is located near Zarai Bank Chowk Mian Channu

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