Police Khidmat Markaz Mianwali

The Police Khidmat Markaz (PKM) in Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan, serves as a convenient and accessible center for various police-related services. It aims to streamline and simplify the process for citizens by providing a one-stop location for availing different services offered by the Punjab Police.

The PKM Mianwali is situated at two addresses. The first address is located on Mianwali – Talagang Road in Canal Colony, Mianwali. The second address is the E-Khidmat Markaz on Sargodha Road, Mianwali. These locations act as central hubs where individuals can visit to obtain a range of police services.

The services available at the PKM Mianwali include:

  1. Police Character Certificate: Issuance of character certificates required for various purposes such as employment, immigration, or education.
  2. General Police Verification: Verification of individuals’ personal details, addresses, and other relevant information.
  3. Learner Driving License: Assistance in obtaining a learner’s permit for individuals who want to learn to drive.
  4. Driving License Renewal: Facilitation in renewing existing driving licenses.
  5. International Driving License: Support in obtaining an international driving license for driving abroad.
  6. Duplicate Driving License: Assistance in obtaining a duplicate copy of a lost or damaged driving license.
  7. Endorsement of a License: Modification or endorsement of driving license details.
  8. Employee Registration: Registration of employees by their employers to ensure their records are maintained by the police.
  9. Tenants Registration: Registration of tenants residing in the area to maintain a database for security purposes.
  10. Vehicle Verification: Verification of vehicle ownership, registration, and other related details.
  11. Loss Report: Assistance in reporting lost items to the police.
  12. Crime Reports: Registering complaints or reporting incidents of criminal activity.
  13. Women Violence Report: Support and guidance for women who have experienced violence or harassment, and provision of necessary reporting procedures.
  14. Copy of FIR: Provision of copies of First Information Reports (FIR) filed with the police.

The PKM Mianwali operates from Monday to Saturday between 9 am and 5 pm. Citizens can visit the center during these hours to avail themselves of the aforementioned services.

For additional information, individuals can contact the PKM Mianwali via email at [email protected]. Alternatively, they can reach out through the provided contact numbers: 0459231133 and 0459296266.

To stay updated on the services and any potential changes, the official website of PKM Mianwali, https://pkm.punjab.gov.pk/, can be visited.

Punjab Police PKM Mianwali Phone Number

Address 1: Mianwali – Talagang Rd, Canal Colony, Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan

Address 2:  E-Khidmat markaz Sargodha road Mianwali, Punjab, Pakistan

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number:0459231133,  0459296266

Office Timing: Monday to Saturday (9 am to 5 pm)

Official Website:  https://pkm.punjab.gov.pk/

Mianwali Postal Code: 42200

Location of PKM Mianwali

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