Police Khidmat Markaz Narowal



Punjab Police PKM Narowal Contact Number

Address: 1.PKM District & Session courts, judicial complex Narowal

Address: 2. PKM, Near old D.C.O house, Main Circular Road, Narowal

Email: [email protected]

Contact Number: 054-2411210, 0542-500728, 0542500103

Office Timing: Monday to Saturday (9 am to 5 pm)

Official Website:  https://pkm.punjab.gov.pk/

Services Available on Police Khidmat Markaz Narowal

  1. Police Character Certificate
  2. General Police Verification
  3. Learner Driving License
  4. Driving License Renewal
  5. International Driving License
  6. Duplicate Driving License
  7. Endorsement of a License
  8. Employee Registration
  9. Tenants Registration
  10. Vehicle Verification
  11. Loss Report
  12. Crime Reports
  13. Women Violence Report
  14. Copy of FIR

Location of PKM Narowal

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