Rabia Ultrasound Clinic: Setting the Standard for Advanced Sonography in Faisalabad

Since 1989, Rabia Ultrasound Clinic has been a leading ultrasound laboratory in Faisalabad. With a commitment to staying at the forefront of technology and equipment, they have become renowned for their comprehensive range of sonography services. Recently, the clinic has acquired a state-of-the-art 4-D colour Doppler ultrasound device, further enhancing their diagnostic capabilities. In this article, we will delve into the clinic’s expertise, services, and how to contact them.

Advanced Sonography Services at Rabia Ultrasound Clinic:

Rabia Ultrasound Clinic prides itself on offering a wide range of sonography services to cater to diverse needs. The clinic’s acquisition of a new 4-D colour Doppler ultrasound device has revolutionized their diagnostic abilities, providing detailed and accurate imaging. This technology enables doctors to identify and diagnose congenital defects with greater precision. Furthermore, expectant mothers can experience live and virtual reality views of their embryos, offering them peace of mind and fostering a deeper bond with their unborn child. The clinic also supports early detection of various ailments, aiding doctors in providing timely medical intervention.

Expertise of Dr. Asma Arshad:

Dr. Asma Arshad, a highly skilled and experienced female ultrasound specialist, spearheads the team at Rabia Ultrasound Clinic. With her vast knowledge and expertise, Dr. Arshad ensures that patients receive the highest standard of care. Her proficiency in interpreting ultrasound scans allows for accurate diagnoses and effective treatment plans. Patients can trust in her compassionate approach, as she strives to provide a comfortable and reassuring environment during the ultrasound procedure.

Contact Information for Rabia Ultrasound Clinic:

To avail yourself of the exceptional sonography services at Rabia Ultrasound Clinic, you can reach them using the following contact details:

  • Address: Narwala Road Awami Colony 01, Faisalabad
  • Phone Numbers: 041-2601186, 041-2623386
  • Website: Rabia Ultrasound Clinic

For residents of North Karachi, another reputable diagnostic center to consider is Dr. Essa Lab. They offer a comprehensive range of laboratory and imaging services. To learn more about Dr. Essa Lab North Karachi, including their contact details and timings, visit Dr Essa Lab North Karachi.

Rabia Ultrasound Clinic has established itself as a premier ultrasound laboratory in Faisalabad, continuously striving to incorporate cutting-edge technology and equipment. With their new 4-D colour Doppler ultrasound device, they offer advanced sonography services, benefiting both doctors and patients. Dr. Asma Arshad’s expertise adds further value to the clinic, ensuring accurate diagnoses and compassionate care. If you require reliable and comprehensive sonography services, contact Rabia Ultrasound Clinic today

Rabia Ultrasound Clinic Contact Number

Address:  Narwala Road Awami Colony 01 Faisalabad

Phone Number:  041-2601186, 041-2623386

Website: http://www.rabiaultrasound.com/index.html

Rabia Ultrasound Clinic Location

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