Rabia Ultrasound Clinic Contact Number

Since 1989, the Rabia Ultrasound Clinic has been one of the best ultrasound laboratories in Faisalabad. Sonography has flourished with a wide range of applications as they continue to keep up with the latest technology and equipment. By updating their services with the acquisition of a new 4-D colour Doppler ultrasound device in Faisalabad, they have excelled in setting up the most advanced field of sonography.

It increases the ability to diagnose congenital defects and offers live and virtual reality views of the embryo to mothers, giving them peace of mind. It is also a new field for assisting doctors in the early detection of ailments. Doctor Asma Arshad is also the best female ultrasound specialist in the city.


Rabia Ultrasound Clinic Contact Number

Address:  Narwala Road Awami Colony 01 Faisalabad

Phone Number:  041-2601186 , 041-2623386

Website: http://www.rabiaultrasound.com/index.html

Rabia Ultrasound Clinic Location

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