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Rehmat E Shereen Cantt Malir Karachi

This is a great shop to acquire high-quality sweets. What a location. What a wonderful place to dine. This is a wonderful spot to visit. From the cuisine to the service, the taste to the ambiance, everything is in good working order. It’s also a great place to take the family. Not too pricey, but not too cheap. R.H.S. offers almost every famous cuisine. Last but not least, the manager of the Malir Cantt branch, Mr. Afzal, is a very lovely and humble person.

One of the best and oldest bakers in Karachi. They have quality and are hygienic with an authentic taste of sweets and bakery items. From cakes to pastries, patties to samosas, and from gulam jamun to kaaju barfi, you will get it all. They also have salads and frozen items. This branch also has a coffee and juice shop.

Rehmat-e-Shereen Karachi

Rehmat e Shereen is known for its delicious bakery items. Cakes and confections are always fresh and delicious. Turkish baklawa is delicious. Freshly baked breads, chips, biscuits, Nan khatai, and kaju bergi are also available. The employees are friendly and helpful. The bakery is immaculately kept. A place that comes highly recommended.

The menu is small but adequate for a family outing, with a blend of flavours from around the world. They recently constructed an indoor dining space, making it more pleasant for those who prefer not to dine outside. a lovely, intimate setting There is a children’s playground that should be better managed. However, the seats and layout are well-planned and pleasant. Excellent cuisine. The menu isn’t wide, but they make sure that taste and quality are maintained everywhere they serve it. The highlight is the Chinese food. Excellent service. The servers have received extensive training. and typically accommodate all (reasonable) demands.

The freshly constructed region surrounding the site has helped to improve the scenario. This establishment benefits greatly from its vicinity to the checkpoint. Excellent restaurant and service. It’s also worth attempting their birthday celebrations and preparations. New snack options have been added to the menu.  Burger barha, Methi puri, and Chana chat were all very pleasant.

They’ve made a lot of progress. They’ve expanded their menu to include Desi and Continental cuisine, and everything is delicious. Paneer Reshmi Handi and Beef Kebab are the house specialties.

Address :Near Air Defence Mart, Check Post No.6، Malir Cantonment, Karachi, 75080

Contact Number : 0330 2163333 , 0306-3888404 OR (021) 34900479

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Rehmat-e-Shereen Malir Cantt is Located..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Rehmat-e-Shereen Malir Cantt?

Rehmat-e-Shereen Malir Cantt is located at Near Air Defence Mart, Check Post No.6، Malir Cantonment, Karachi, 75080

What is the phone number of Rehmat-e-Shereen Malir Cantt?

You can try to dialing this number 0330-2163333 , 0306-3888404 OR (021) 34900479

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