Road Master Islamabad 26 Number Contact Number

Here are some key points about the Road Master terminal based on the information provided:

  1. Shared Terminal: The 26 number bus terminal is used by multiple bus services. This means that different companies operate their buses from this terminal, providing passengers with various options for their travels.

  2. Waiting Area: The waiting area at the terminal is described as small but welcoming. It is air-conditioned, providing a comfortable environment for passengers as they wait for their buses. The large glass windows offer a clear view of the entire terminal.

  3. Capacity: The waiting area can accommodate a maximum of around 15 to 20 persons at a time. This indicates that it is a relatively small space, but it may be sufficient for the number of passengers using the terminal.

  4. Ticketing Booth: The ticketing booth is located adjacent to the waiting area. It is well-designed, conspicuous, and well-furnished, making it easy for passengers to purchase their tickets conveniently.

  5. Superior Service: Despite being a shared terminal, the company maintaining this terminal ensures that its superior quality of service is maintained. This suggests that the company takes pride in providing a high level of service to its customers, even at this shared facility.

  6. Convenient Location: The terminal is situated in a good location, away from the crowded area of 26 number chongi. This may provide a more peaceful and accessible setting for passengers using the terminal.

  7. Terminal Infrastructure: The terminal is well-built and designed, providing a pleasant environment for passengers. It includes amenities such as a vending machine and a tuck shop, which offer convenient options for refreshments or snacks.

  8. Bus Viewing Area: The presence of a large window in front of the terminal allows passengers to see their buses approaching. This feature provides convenience and allows passengers to prepare for boarding as their bus gets closer to the terminal.

  9. Washrooms: While the washrooms are described as good, there is a limitation in terms of quantity. With only two washrooms available, it can lead to long waiting times, especially considering the high number of people using the terminal. The suggestion to build more washrooms to accommodate the needs of the passengers is valid and could improve the overall experience.

It’s worth noting that the information provided is based on the details you shared, and there may be more specific or updated information available about the terminal.┬áIt’s important to note that the availability and condition of facilities can vary over time, so it’s always recommended to check with the specific bus terminal or service for the most up-to-date information.

Road Master Islamabad 26 Number Contact Number

Phone Number: 03101722822


Social: Facebook/RoadMaster.official

Address: Islamabad Bus Terminal, 26 Number Road Master

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