Shaheen Chemist University Town Peshawar

Shaheen Chemist’s contact number is 091-5704499 and the mobile phone number is 0314-7004007. Here you will find health care products as well as other daily necessities. They truly care about your health, providing you with all the essential equipment and tools. It’s a one-stop store for pharmaceuticals, cosmetics, jewelry, eyeglasses, proteins, chocolates, imported candies, imported toiletries, and even unusual frozen meats.

Akbar Medical Center, Peshawar, is another pharmacy in the town; you may want to visit it also.


Shaheen Chemist, Peshawar Contact Number

AddressPark Ave, University Town, Peshawar

Contact Number : 091-5704499   

Mobile Phone Number: 0314 7004007

Facebook :

Shaheen Chemist Location / Map

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