Skyways Multan

Mutan Skyways Bus Service 


Skyways Bus Service is ’s leading national and urban bus service, with over 15,000 daily departures and more than 15,000 sites serviced. It has become a symbol of Pakistan, transport 54 million tourists each year in a safe, entertaining, and cheap manner. Skyways Bus is well-known for its regular passenger service and for promoting social inclusion by assisting individuals in rural and urban areas with business, commerce, career, service, education, training, health, shopping, and leisure.

Address :AC Bus Stand, Chaudhry Colony, Multan, Punjab

Contact Number : (061) 6564035  Or 0302 4509828

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Skyways Multan is Located..

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Skyways Multan?

Skyways Multan is located at AC Bus Stand, Chaudhry Colony, Multan, Punjab

What is the phone number of Skyways Multan?

You can try to dialing this number (061) 6564035  Or 0302 4509828.

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