Usman Nasim Tiktokar Pakistan

Usman Nasim Tiktokar Pakistan


Usman Nasim is a Pakistani TikToker who has gone viral as a result of his unique and amusing content, which has caused many people to laugh out loud. This TikToker is a one-of-a-kind Pakistani creator who uses the hashtag #famousmolvi to encourage followers to interact with him. Usman has 10.1 million Instagram followers and 390.2 million likes on all of his videos. 

Address: Wazirabad, Pakistan

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Tik Tok ID: @usmanasim66

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What is the Phone Number of the Usman Nasim Tiktokar Pakistan ?

You Can Try by dialing

What is the Address of the Usman Nasim Tiktokar Pakistan ?

Wazirabad, Pakistan


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