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Islamabad Bait Al Arab Mandi


Islamabad’s Bait Al Arab Mandi It was a fantastic experience. Excellent was good. Mandi of Al-Tazij, Saudi Arabia, sprang to mind. The service was prompt, and the staff were quite pleasant. The location, on the other hand, had the most negative impact. There is a lot of traffic noise because we are right on the GT route. A drain is also likely to be close by, causing a foul odour in the neighbourhood. However, once you’re inside the restaurant, everything is fine. Apart from water, the menu solely offered carbonated beverages. It would be fantastic if different drinks, such as fresh lime, could be included. Everyone should pay a visit.

Address :Islamabad Pakistan

Contact Number :0310 5248888    

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Where is Bait Al Arab Mandi?

Bait Al Arab Mandi is located at Islamabad Pakistan.

What is the phone number of Bait Al Arab Mandi?

You can try to dialing this number 0310 5248888 .

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