Central Testing Service (CTS) Islamabad: Contact Details and Services

Central Testing Service (CTS) Islamabad is a reputable testing and assessment organization based in Pakistan. They offer a range of services related to testing, recruitment, and educational assessments. In this article, we will provide you with detailed information about CTS, including their contact details, working hours, and services. So, let’s dive in!

Central Testing Service Contact Details:

If you wish to get in touch with CTS, you can reach them using the following contact details:

  • Address: Camp Office # 32, 3rd Floor, Capital Plaza, G-11/Markaz, Islamabad, Pakistan
  • Phone Number: 051-8905975
  • Website: CTS Official Website
  • CTS Number: 051, 0308-8905975
  • CTS Fax Number: 051-2363936, 051-8433317-18
  • Email: [email protected]
  • Working Hours: Monday to Friday, 09:00 A.M – 04:00 P.M

Services Offered by CTS:

Central Testing Service (CTS) Islamabad provides various testing and assessment services for individuals, educational institutions, and organizations. Some of their key services include:

Recruitment and Job Testing:

CTS assists organizations in the recruitment process by conducting fair and transparent examinations to evaluate candidates’ knowledge, skills, and aptitude for specific job positions. They have a robust system in place to ensure impartial and merit-based selection.

Educational Assessments:

CTS conducts standardized tests to assess students’ academic proficiency, helping educational institutions gauge their performance and identify areas for improvement. These assessments are designed to provide an objective evaluation of students’ knowledge and skills.

Aptitude and Skill Testing:

The organization offers specialized tests to measure individuals’ aptitude and skills in various areas such as language proficiency, logical reasoning, numerical ability, and more. These assessments help individuals identify their strengths and areas where they need improvement.

Certification Examinations:

CTS conducts certification examinations for professional bodies, allowing individuals to demonstrate their competence and expertise in specific fields. These certifications are recognized and valued by employers and industries, enhancing career prospects.

Thorough Testing Service Contact Number:

If you’re looking for Thorough Testing Service contact details, you can visit their the link.

Central Testing Service (CTS) Islamabad is a trusted organization that plays a vital role in the testing and assessment landscape of Pakistan. They offer comprehensive services for recruitment, educational assessments, aptitude testing, and certification examinations. With their commitment to fairness and transparency, CTS ensures a level playing field for candidates and provides accurate evaluations for individuals and organizations alike. For any further information or inquiries, you can reach out to CTS using the contact details mentioned above.

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