Kohenoor TV Head Office: Delivering Quality News and Entertainment

Kohenoor TV has emerged as a prominent news station in Pakistan, captivating the public with its comprehensive coverage and engaging programs. This article sheds light on the channel’s establishment, its diverse content categories, and the seamless management that drives its success. We will also provide you with the necessary contact information to connect with Kohenoor TV officials regarding any queries, feedback, or concerns.

Kohenoor TV:

A Brief Overview, Kohenoor TV is a leading Pakistani news channel that has swiftly gained popularity due to its exceptional news reporting and programming. Committed to delivering accurate and timely information, the channel covers a wide range of topics including entertainment, technology, world news, business, and politics. Its website offers live television streaming and features a captivating show called “The Game,” adding to its appeal and viewer engagement. With a strong emphasis on journalism excellence, Kohenoor TV has established itself as a trusted news source for the Pakistani audience.

Contact Details for Kohenoor TV Head Office:

If you have any questions, complaints, or suggestions regarding Kohenoor TV’s broadcasts or content, you can reach out to the officials using the following contact details:

Address: 65-Allama Iqbal road, Kohenoor building, Lahore, Pakistan

Kohenoor TV Head Office Phone Numbers:

  • Director Marketing: 0344-4443248
  • Media Coverage: 0313-4394444

Official Website: www.kohenoor.tv Visit the official website of Kohenoor TV to access live television streaming and find answers to any channel-related concerns or inquiries.

Social Media Presence:

Stay connected with Kohenoor TV through their social media platforms:

Live Streaming:

Experience real-time news coverage by accessing the live-streaming feature on Kohenoor TV’s official website: kohenoor.tv/live.

Career Opportunities:

For those interested in joining the Kohenoor TV team, the channel provides opportunities to explore a rewarding career. To learn more about available vacancies and submit your resume, visit kohenoor.tv/careers.

In addition to Kohenoor TV, you may also be interested in contacting Hum TV Network. To access their contact numbers, click here: Hum TV Network Office Contact Numbers.

Kohenoor TV has successfully established itself as a distinguished news station in Pakistan, offering a broad spectrum of news and entertainment content. With its dedication to excellence in journalism, talented anchors, and experienced hosts, the channel has gained the trust and appreciation of the public. By providing accurate and timely news coverage, Kohenoor TV continues to make a significant impact in keeping the Pakistani audience informed. Stay connected through their official website and social media channels for the latest updates and enjoy live-streaming of news directly from their website. For career opportunities, Kohenoor TV welcomes individuals passionate about joining their team. Contact the Kohenoor TV officials for any queries or concerns and experience the enriching world of news and entertainment.

Kohenoor TV Head Office Location

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