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In the digital age, finding the right contact information for businesses is crucial. If you’re an avid reader or a student in Islamabad, you’ll be delighted to know that Idris Book Shop is just a phone call away.

Idris Book Shop Contact Details:

  • Address: Idris Book Shop is conveniently located at Din Plaza, Lower Ground Block and Sector B, Islamabad. The bookstore’s central location ensures easy access for book lovers and students in the area.
  • Mobile Number: To connect with Idris Book Shop, you can simply dial 0311 5567305. Whether you have a specific book in mind or need assistance in finding the right reading material, the friendly staff at Idris Book Shop will be more than happy to assist you over the phone.
  • Landline Number: If you prefer contacting the bookstore through a landline, you can reach them at (051) 5170709. Feel free to call during their operating hours to inquire about book availability, special orders, or any other queries you may have.
  • Facebook: Idris Book Shop maintains an active presence on Facebook, where you can stay updated with the latest book releases, promotions, and events. Follow their official Facebook page.
  • Website: For a convenient online browsing experience, Idris Book Shop has a user-friendly website.

New and Old Book Shop:

If you’re looking for another bookstore experience in Islamabad, we recommend checking out New and Old Book Shop. They offer a wide range of books, catering to different interests and age groups. Whether you’re a fan of classic literature or seeking the latest bestsellers, New and Old Book Shop has you covered.

Idris Book Shop is your go-to destination for all things related to books in Islamabad. With their convenient location, diverse collection, and helpful staff, you can expect a delightful experience every time you visit or reach out to them. Whether you’re searching for academic textbooks, literary gems, or books for leisure, Idris Book Shop is ready to assist you. Contact them today through their mobile and landline numbers, or connect with them on Facebook. Alternatively, explore their website for the ultimate online book browsing experience. Start your reading journey with Idris Book Shop and open the doors to a world of knowledge and imagination.

Idris Book Shop Contact Number

Address : Din Plaza Lower Ground Block and Sector B Islamabad

Mobile Number : 0311 5567305

Landline  Number: (051) 5170709

Facebook :


Idris PWD Book Shop Location

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