Sony Authorised Service Centers Lahore

Sony Authorized Service Centers Lahore are official service providers authorized by Sony to handle repairs and servicing for Sony products. These centers are typically staffed with trained technicians who have knowledge and experience in repairing Sony devices.

When it comes to reviews for a specific Sony Authorized Service Center, it’s best to check online platforms such as review websites, forums, or social media platforms where customers share their experiences. You can search for the specific service center you’re interested in to find out what other customers have said about their services.

Additionally, you can visit the official Sony website and look for customer reviews or testimonials, as they may provide insights into the quality of service provided by authorized centers.

Remember that experiences may vary from one service center to another, so it’s always a good idea to research and read multiple reviews to get a better understanding of the service quality and customer satisfaction.

Pak Engineers Electronics

9-Al Qurtaba Complex, 8 Jail Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Mon-Sat (10:00am-07:00pm)/Sun-Off

Ghousia Electronics

53-G Saddiq Plaza, 69-The Mall Road, Lahore, Pakistan
Mon-Sat (10:00am-07:00pm)/Sun-Off

INOVI Service Center

12 Ahmed Arcade, 2nd Floor Cavalry Ground Cantt, Lahore, Pakistan
Mon-Sat (10:00am-07:00pm)/Sun-Off

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