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Rahim Store Center. It’s a good site with reasonable prices and items compared to other markets and businesses around, but it’s a little too congested because the aisles aren’t well organized. The staff is laid-back and stays to themselves unless a customer directly requests assistance, which is ideal for me because I prefer to shop alone. Raheem Store is a superstore where you can find practically all of your daily necessities, such as groceries, presents, stationery, bakery, medicine, meat, and bakery, all at moderate pricing. Excellent customer service and grocery prices. On the majority of products, bulk discounts are not available.

Address: Wapda Town Phase 1 Allama Iqbal Town, Lahore

Contact Number : 04237806620   04237801525

Website : https://www.rahimstore.com/

Rahim Store Wapda Town is Located..

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