Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa Contact Number – Authentic Sweet Delights

If you’re a fan of traditional Pakistani sweets, specifically Multani Sohan Halwa, then Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa is a must-visit place for you. Known for its mouthwatering delicacies, Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa offers a range of delectable treats that will leave you craving more. Here, we will provide you with all the necessary details, including the contact number and address, to help you indulge in these delightful sweets.

Contact Details:

If you’re looking to get in touch with Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa, here are the contact details you need:

  • Address: Qila Kuhna Qasim Bagh, Multan, Pakistan
  • Phone Number: 061-4540656, 0331-7622229

Operating Hours:

  • Friday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Saturday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Sunday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Monday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 7 am–11:30 pm
  • Thursday: 7 am–11:30 pm

Experience the Richness of Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa:

Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa has been serving its customers with irresistible sweets for several years. The rich taste and distinct texture of their Sohan Halwa have made it a favorite among locals and visitors alike. Made with a perfect blend of high-quality ingredients, including pure ghee, milk, sugar, and nuts, every bite of their Sohan Halwa is a burst of flavors.

To add to the convenience of their customers, Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa has extended its services to social media platforms. You can find them on Facebook, Twitter, and their official website, where you can explore their offerings and stay updated with their latest promotions and events.

For more information, you can visit their official website at Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa. Additionally, you can connect with them on social media:

Indulge in Authentic Sweet Delights:

When it comes to traditional Pakistani sweets, Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa has set the bar high. With their commitment to quality and exceptional flavors, they have become a household name in Multan. From weddings and festivals to everyday celebrations, their Sohan Halwa is a popular choice that brings joy to every occasion.

If you’re a dessert lover or simply want to experience the authentic flavors of Multani Sohan Halwa, Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa is the place to be. With their convenient contact number and address, you can easily reach out to them for orders or inquiries. Treat yourself or surprise your loved ones with the mouthwatering delights from Rewari Multani Sohan Halwa, and let the rich taste transport you to a world of sweetness and bliss.

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