Rawat Police Station Contact Number

Rawat Police Station, situated at Channi Alam Sher, Rawalpindi, Punjab, is a beacon of safety. Operating 24/7, it ensures round-the-clock protection for residents and visitors. Formerly under Islamabad’s jurisdiction, the station now serves the Rawat area, alleviating confusion. With a large jurisdiction, it efficiently caters to the needs of diverse communities. To seek assistance or report emergencies, dial (051) 3595100. Additionally, residents can visit the Police Khidmat Markaz in F-6, Islamabad, for further support. Rawat Police Station’s commitment to safeguarding the community and its convenient location on Grand Trunk Road make it an invaluable asset to Rawalpindi’s security.

Address: Channi Alam Sher, Rawalpindi, Punjab
Hours: Open 24 hours
Phone: (051) 3595100

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