Shaigan Shinwari Restaurant Lodhran

Shaigan Shinwari Restaurant and Khadda Bakra is a new Khadda Bakra-style restaurant near Shahida Islam Medical College. In Shaigan, the Shamwari restaurant Rosh was perfect for traditional tastes. There is a separate area for the family and a play area for the children. The beauty of the hotel’s exterior, as well as the seating environment inside, makes for unique comfort. There is also ample parking space, and the location outside is beautiful, with a reasonable price and clean staff.

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shaigan-shinwari-restaurant-contact-number shaigan-shinwari-restaurant-contact-number1


Shaigan Shinwari Restaurant Contact Number

Service: Dine-in and Take Away

Address: Near Shahida Islam Medical College Lodhran

Contact Number: 0302 1488872


Shaigan Shinwari Restaurant & Khadda Bakra Location

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